Here are some of my more interesting projects.

Superstar Game Suite

The Superstar Game Suite is a framework and editor for narrative-driven 2.5d platformers. Providing complex collision, generative graphics, dialogue, cutscenes, cinematography, poly-building, multi-layered tile editing, NPCs, 16-directional animation, and more.


libCat is a C++20 runtime for Linux. This provides essential low-level tools for application development, such as syscalls, graphics, SIMD, atomics, threads, allocators, and more, as well as many modern zero-overhead meta-programming abstractions. This has unit tests and a build-system.

Swamp D3D Scene

This demo was made in C++17 with DirectX 11 while I was in college. It has vertex, fragment, and geometry shaders, a normal map, 3D lighting, a height map, a skybox, undulating water, semi-transparent textures, a first-person flying camera, and a programmatically generated world.

Spatial Hash Raytracer

I gave a presentation about an early demo of this. I raytraced pixel-art by providing color, normal, and depth maps for sprites, in C++20. Previously I tried a Vulkan depth-sorting approach. Neither of these can have the performance characteristics I want, so I will revisit this in the future.

Super Fangame Maker

Super Fangame Maker is a level editor awarded "The Most Overlooked" for MFGG Awards 2015. It has many features cloned from Super Mario Maker and based on fandom references, including item boxes, costumes, level themes, multiple gameplay engines, dynamic 9-slices, saving/loading levels, and more. I chronicled its development on my YouTube channel. The most notable video reached 21k views.


Play Here!
WASD, mouse, 1 2 3 and 4.
PASSWORD: FullSailPurgatory

Purgatory is a Unity game I collaborated on in college. I personally implemented A* and enemy state machines, entity hierarchy, gun-play, most artwork, a room serializer, minimap, and 8-directional procedural dungeon generation, and more.