Lilian Gooch
she | her
Systems programmer
C++ enthusiast
Emacs fangirl
Cedar Park, Texas
 I am a systems-level programmer interested in zero-overhead abstractions and computer graphics.

 I nerd-out over C++ standards proposals, compilers, REPLs, text editors, terminals, keyboards, art editors, window managers, and fanfiction.
Experience In
  • C++20 - C++2c (and older standards)
  • Introspecting and optimizing compiler code-gen, profiling, static analysis, debugging segfaults, introspecting heap, stack, and registers, strace, reverse-debugging
  • Git (pull requests, branch conflicts, reflog, submodules, magit)
  • Modern CMake
  • Clang and GCC configuration flags, and optimization and analysis annotations
  • Vulkan 1.3 and DirectX 11
  • Unity and Game Maker: Studio
  • Assembly, dissassembling, bindiffing, hexdumping
  • Compiler Explorer demos for optimizations and template metaprogramming
  • Designing various game world editors
  • Shader programming
  • Linux kernel syscalls, libC, POSIX environments, and Windows 10
  • Researching and navigating large source trees (Linux kernel, Musl, LLVM, Mesa)

  • Pull Requests
    liblava, Vulkan framework
  • Made vertices and meshes generic to optimize non-float use-cases
  • Supported the VkPhysicalDevice2 extension
  • Made configurable camera controls
  • Made extensible attachments for render passes

  • Work History
    Stellar Science, C++20 Developer
    Oct 2022 - Oct 2023

  • Replaced SFINAE with concepts
  • Implemented planetary orbit constraint solving
  • Introduced comprehensive integration tests for Qt-based GUI widgets and workflows
  • Optimized containers using Boost libraries
  • Enhanced the clang-tools configuration

  • Education
    B.S. Game Development
    Full Sail University
    3300 University Blvd, Winter Park, FL 32792
    Personal Projects
    libCat non-POSIX C++23 runtime
  • Template metaprogramming (type deduction, CRTP, CTFE, NTTPs, type erasure, partial specializations, policy-based class design, concept/requires)
  • Safe Linux syscalls wrappers
  • SIMD
  • Memory allocators
  • Full move semantics and constexpr support
  • File and socket I/O
  • Unit testing framework

  • Superstar Game Suite framework and editor
  • Cutscene dope sheet editor
  • Multi-layer tile editor
  • Collision and generative graphics for staircases of any orientation, width, height, length, and steps
  • Cinematic weights and tweening
  • NPC dialogue systems
  • Level serializing/deserializing
  • Poly-building tool
  • 2.5D platforming

  • C++ pixel-art raytracer
  • Spatial hash data-structure, optimized for 2.5d raytracing
  • Branchless AABB-ray intersection
  • Normal maps, depth maps, color maps
  • Point and ambient lighting

  • DirectX 11 forward renderer
  • Time-based animated geometry
  • Rendering 3D geometry with normal maps
  • Sorting models to render semi-transparency
  • Vertex, fragment, and geometry shaders
  • Directional lighting
  • First-person flying camera
  • Vulkan rendering
  • Bindless buffer attachments
  • Deferred shading
  • Shadow mapping
  • Entity outlines
  • GPU-driven mesh instancing
  • Dynamic render passes / shader objects
  • vulkan-hpp bindings